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To be honest it’s a question I’ve asked myself for a long time. I seem to be only just feeling comfortable in my skin coming up to 50 and at a time when my body is changing! 


I was adopted successfully as a baby into a loving family but I suffered low confidence and self-esteem. I grew up in an academic household and throughout my childhood I was loved and had a wonderful family. However, I felt inadequate academically and I was written off as far as education was concerned. It wasn’t until adulthood when my collage lecturer noticed that I suffered from dyslexia.  Suddenly it all made sense and I was able to flourish with a new found confidence.


During a family holiday when I was 16 I experienced a violent life changing moment which sent my life into free fall, this coupled with the loss of my mother just two weeks before the birth of my first child at the age of 18 I was left angry and feeling very lost.


What on earth could I do in this world and how could I support myself? 


I had two major broken relationships and two children by the time I was 21. After a line of unsuccessful small jobs working for some very unusual people and spending my spare time smoking weed and generally feeling sorry for myself I realised that I was the only person who could change my future. 


Up until this point I had not invested in the one thing that would change my life, ME.  After a lot of soul searching and re-education my life started to turn around.  I know now that there will always be new things to learn and it is all part of my continual development as an individual, a mum and business owner.


More recently I have worked alongside some fantastic employers, lecturers, counsellors and a personal coach.  I can now look back and think about all those years I felt hopeless and lost and now I sit here today feeling very positive about the future. 


Don’t get me wrong, I still have to work hard to achieve my goals.  I feel positive towards everything I set out to achieve, I have a strong work ethic and I like to get the job done! In recently employment I have worked with key customers, delivered large presentations and training and importantly for the companies I have worked for, brought in great sales figures.  I'm on top of my game.


Believe me, I have to keep pushing myself outside my comfort zone and yes, its been uncomfortable at times but I have learnt that sometimes in life you need to step outside the box and do things that you were not expecting to do or think you were capable of doing.


I’m respected in my field by colleagues and customers alike. My growth in the last 15 years has been huge, I wish I had done it earlier, but I guess had I have done things differently I would not be at this point in my life where I know I have so much to do and to so much to give to others. 


When I hit my 49th Birthday (2018) I decided that it was time to tell my story and go into my 50's with a plan to inspire other people so they can change things for the better.  

Proud moment time..... I have recently (October 2018) released a book on Amazon Kindle about my trials and tribulations and my journey of re-education and healing to provide a better future for my family and myself.  To find out more about my life to date including the dark moments and the crazy surreal moments you can download my book here: 


Remember, believing you can, is the start of your success!